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Product Description

Clinically proven and powered by Glutathione at the highest purity and concentration and featuring Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid, along with 12 other natural ingredients, this powerful perfecting lotion helps erase the appearance of discoloration and bring smooth, even-toned skin to light.  

This concentrated and innovative lotion penetrates quickly to reduce the appearance of dark spots and helps deliver visible brightening benefits and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Snjor delivers a magical luminous snow like glow – instantly and over time. 

Clinical Research

Present within Snjor skincare is Glutathione in the highest purity and concentration. It is a powerful whitening and skin perfecting active. In numerous in vitro and in vivo studies it has shown evidence of its involvement in the melanogenic pathway and its anti-melanogenic action.

Mechanisms of its actions include:

(a) direct inhibition of the enzyme tyrosinase,

(b) inhibition of the switching mechanism from eumelanin to phaomelanin production,

(c) suppression of free radicals and peroxides that contribute to tyrosinase activation and, (d) modulation of depigmentation abilities of melanocytotoxic activities.

About Snjor Skincare

Snjor skincare offers the most comprehensive spectrum of whitening and anti-aging solutions. With serious science at its core and advanced Korean research, Snjor skincare believes  that the secret to beautiful skin is a potent youth serum combining Icelandic Glacial waters and advanced Korean cosmetic research.  

Today, Snjor skincare shares this spirit of excellence in everything we do from the personality and expression of our communications and packaging, to the people we hire, and the events and causes we support.  Our mission is to be the leader in skincare and anti-aging technology and the most sought after brand in the world of professional skincare.