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Product Description

Loss of volume will no longer be a problem with this peptide extract that favours the accumulation and maturation of adipose tissue combined with high concentrations of hyaluronic acid. A plumping, younger skin will emerge from within.
Function: – Redefines the silhouette and facial profile
– Provides localised volume
– Improves hydration

Composition: Formulated with a hexapeptide and a high concentration of hyaluronic acid.

The adipose tissue: When ageing, skin gets thinner, losses firmness and gravity pulls it downwards leading to undesired and visible changes in the face and body.
The adipose tissue, a specific subcutaneous connective tissue, has 2 variants: brown adipose tissue (BAT), that is essential in newborns, has adipocytes with several small lipid droplets and dissipates energy as heat; and white adipose tissue (WAT), that is the most extended type in adults, has adipocytes with large lipid droplet and pre-adipocytes and stores energy in form of lipids. WAT diminishes with age and gets redistributed: volume decreases in some areas. An increased adipogenesis rate implies a higher number of mature adipocytes and a raise of local volume.



Composition: Formulated with a hexapeptide and a high concentration of hyaluronic acid.


Body Concerns

Mode of use:

• Choose the specific actives desired or required.
• Acquire the combination of three actives that most adapt to your solution, as well as the base cream.
• Introduce the entire contents of each vial into the bottle of base product. Follow the specific instructions in the leaflet for each vial.
• Reinsert the pump and shake vigorously. Use according to the instructions.
• Apply the lotion once or twice a day, in very small quantities, on the areas to treat. Do not interrupt the treatment for at least three months in order to perceive the results.