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Product Description

Solution that inhibits the activity of elastase (elastin degenerating enzyme) thus optimising the quality of the skin’s elastin. It also stimulates the synthesis of collage type I, increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin. V6.6 ELASTicity has been designed to treat the flaccidity and loss of firmness of mature skin.
Function: – Increases elasticity via the inhibition of elastase
– Improves firmness, via the activation of collagen type I
– Especially indicated for mature skin

Composition: Formulated with a Tetrapetide that inhibits the activity of elastase.

Elasticity: Is the capacity of the body to recover its original shape upon removing the force causing the deformation. In this type of deformation, the skin, due to the variation in tension and increase in internal energy in the form of potential elastic energy, just undergoes reversible thermodynamic changes. The skin’s quality deteriorates with age. The type of aging is irrelevant, chronologic or extrinsic, the result is the same: atrophic, thicker skin. Aging and environmental aggressions activate the proteolytic degradation of collagen, elastin and other skin proteins. The elastic fibres are structural elements of the connective tissue that confer elasticity to the skin. The elastic function complements the collagen fibrils, in particular those of type I, which provide the resistance to traction and elastic deformation.



Composition: Formulated with a Tetrapetide that inhibits the activity of elastase.


Body Concerns

Mode of use:

• Choose the specific actives desired or required.
• Acquire the combination of three actives that most adapt to your solution, as well as the base cream.
• Introduce the entire contents of each vial into the bottle of base product. Follow the specific instructions in the leaflet for each vial.
• Reinsert the pump and shake vigorously. Use according to the instructions.
• Apply the lotion once or twice a day, in very small quantities, on the areas to treat. Do not interrupt the treatment for at least three months in order to perceive the results.