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Product Description

Combination of body fat modulating peptides. One decapeptide works by supplying extra energy to the cells in order to accelerate lipolysis. Another tripeptide mimics the UCP sequence (Uncoupling Protein) which is the regulator of the “administration” of energy at the mitochondrial level. This peptide mimics the energy depletion generated by an organism of accelerated metabolism, favouring energy dissipation instead of caloric accumulation. These peptides work accompanied by a high level of carnitine which increases their yield under real energy consumption conditions.

Function: – Prevents the accumulation of fat
– Accelerates the lipolyitc action of adipocytes
– Reduces lipogenesis
– Collaborates in the recovery of tissues affected by physical or environmental stress.

Fat Accumulation: All cells require energy, which they take from the nutrients. As a safety measure, they accumulate fat in their interior in the form of deposits for use in case of necessity.



Composition: Formulated with carnitine, a decapeptide and a tripeptide.


Body Concerns

Mode of use: • Choose the specific actives desired or required.
• Acquire the combination of three actives that most adapt to your solution, as well as the base cream.
• Introduce the entire contents of each vial into the bottle of base product. Follow the specific instructions in the leaflet for each vial.
• Reinsert the pump and shake vigorously. Use according to the instructions.
• Apply the lotion once or twice a day, in very small quantities, on the areas to treat. Do not interrupt the treatment for at least three months in order to perceive the results.