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Formule Longevite Cellulaire Night


Formule Longevite Cellulaire Night

30 ml + 30 tablets


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All skin types
This novel formula combines a skin care cream and a nutritional supplement for deep facial treatment. Ideal for use from the age of 35, it stimulates cellular longevity and growth factors*, the core of youthful looking skin. Night is the time when your body cells rebuild their strength. The face cream works to activate cellular self regeneration at night. It trains your skin's cells to stay in
good form and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and brown spots. A biomimetic peptide encourages the skin's repair process to correct the appearance of wrinkles. The nutritional supplement reinforces these actions to repair your skin from within.

Enriched with Complexe Longévité Extrême™


* Effectiveness proven by in vivo/ ex vivo tests
Dermatologically tested

28 specific active ingredients, 9 patented technologies.
87% of natural-origin ingredients+ tripeptide.
Made with natural emulsifiers and natural fragrance. Paraben and phenoxyethanol-free formula
Specific actives:

rice extract - Rhodiola crenulata extract - Creatine - purified fractions of Centella asiatica - cupuacu butter - apricot wax - shea butter - avodado unsaponifiables - muscat rose oil - Amino acid (hydroxyproline) biotransformed in lipoaminoacid to promote its penetrationomega-6 ceramides - Tripeptide-1 - soft focus molecules - Tocopherols - Sahel plankton - Laminaria digitata algae extract - amino acids extracted from Chlorella vulgaris - seawater minerals - lipidic sea fennel extract - Alpha bisabolol - sea fennel stem cells


In the evening, apply 2 to 3 doses of cream to your clean face and neck. Lightly smooth in in circular motions starting from the center of your face working outward to the temples. Take one tablet with dinner. For best results, continue the regimen in the morning with our Formule Jour VISOANSKA.